New midwifery base opens in Clay Cross


Families across North East Derbyshire have been given a health-care boost after the opening of a new community midwifery base in Clay Cross.

The new facility, which is staffed by community midwives and maternity

assistants, offers families both antenatal and postnatal care.

People can drop in for advice and support, or book midwife appointments at the base, which is located in the recently refurbished Clay Cross Clinic on High Street.

Open Monday to Friday, it is the fourth facility of it’s kind to open in Derbyshire, with bases already functioning in Chesterfield, Darley Dale and Staveley.

Chesterfield Royal Hospital’s community midwifery sister, Helen Johnson, has overseen the opening.

She said that the team are now looking to open another base in Bolsover in the near future.

She added: “These new bases allow community midwives to work in a community setting, offering flexible appointments to women both antenatally and postnatally.

“It makes it more convenient for local women, who can make flexible appointments for themselves, rather than having to wait in the house all day for a midwife to get to them.”

Parent Education classes will also be on offer at the new base at the weekends, and staff at the facility offer telephone advice, as well as face-to-face support.

The first family to use the new facility was new mother Gemma Knowles, partner Martin Courtney and their daughter, Sophie May Courtney, born on Sunday, November 22.

Pictured with community midwife Carla Richards, the family visited the base for a postnatal check-up on the moving in day.