New iPhone5 customers storm Chesterfield store

Pictured are queues outside Chesterfield's O2 store for the new Apple iPhone5 handset.
Pictured are queues outside Chesterfield's O2 store for the new Apple iPhone5 handset.

TECHNO buffs queued in their dozens outside Chesterfield’s town centre O2 store to get their hands on the newly released Apple iPhone5 which went on sale today, Friday, September 21.

Apple fans worldwide have rushed to buy the new phone with pre-order demand already doubling the company’s previous sales of its iPhone4S handset.

Such a demand, according to Apple, may also mean that even with the earliest orders it could be as late as October before some customers actually get their hands on the new Apple iPhone5 because of limited stocks.

James Morriss, 26, of Dronfield, who works for a law firm, was in the queue outside O2, on Vicar Lane, Chesterfield, looking to change his iPhone4S model for the new iPhone5.

He said: “People were queuing from well before 8am and the queue went round the corner on to Steeplegate.

“I love Apple because nothing compares to it. I’ve had the 4S for about a year and I want the next up-grade because I love the look and it should be faster.

“It’s like having a computer in your pocket and it’s great for work and personal use.”

Interest has been so great that Apple’s share price reached a new benchmark high on the New York Stock Exchange earlier this week.

Philip Schiller, Apple’s senior vice president of Worldwide Marketing, said: “iPhone5 pre-orders have shattered the previous record held by iPhone4S and the customer response to iPhone5 has been phenomenal.”

The iPhone5 is slimmer and lighter than the iPhone4S and demand across the UK has been such that people have been warned it will be a case of first come first served because of limited stocks so some people began queuing for the product outside stores in London earlier this week.

The sleek, new look £529 iPhone5 has a processor twice the speed of the iPhone4S and it features the photo-realistic 3D Maps app and Siri - the voice recognition program. Orange and T-Mobile customers will also be able to take advantage of the better 4G connectivity which the iPhone5 offers.

Competitor Samsung has launched a newspaper advert in America claiming the iPhone5 has a smaller screen, less memory and a shorter battery life than its Galaxy SIII, but Apple boasts its phone has a heavily populated software store with 700,000 apps and a very user-friendly system.