New homes proposed for Dronfield ‘green belt’

Plans for 90 houses on the site of Sheffield FC in Dronfield.
Plans for 90 houses on the site of Sheffield FC in Dronfield.

Plans for 90 new homes on ‘green belt’ land in Dronfield have been drawn up, according to a leaked report seen by the Derbyshire Times.

Owners of Sheffield FC have asked developers to create the scheme for the site of their Coach and Horses ground on Sheffield Road in Dronfield.

The plan would require a revision of North East Derbyshire District Council’s local plan and for the land to be removed from the ‘green belt’ and reallocated as land for housing.

The report, written by development firm DLP Consultants, says: “In summary the release of a small proportion of green belt land can be justified as an exception on its own merit as a result of the wider economic, social, environmental, recreational and heritage benefits to the Sheffield city region.”

It goes on to state that existing settlements cannot provide the 482 new affordable homes the area needs every year until 2031 and that there is ‘overwhelming evidence’ of the need for a green belt review to take into account housing need and to identify land on which this can be delivered.

A spokesman for North East Derbyshire District Council said they had not received a planning application for the football ground but added if a planning application was to be submitted in the future it would be considered in light of green belt policies.

Sheffield FC, the oldest football club in the world dating back to 1857, is raising funds to move back to its original ‘spiritual’ Olive Grove home in Heeley in Sheffield.

It is anticipated that any development would allow the popular Coach and Horses pub to remain although this decision would ultimately rest with the developer.