New CCG jabs pack a punch

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NEWS: News.

MORE children under five are being protected from measles and potentially fatal diseases thanks to GP practices at NHS Hardwick Clinical Commissioning Group.

Castle Street Medical Practice, Bolsover, Emmet Carr Surgery, Renishaw, Grassmoor Surgery, Chesterfield and Dr Chawla’s surgery in Wingerworth have all achieved a 100per cent success rate for their childhood immunisation programme.

The jabs protect children from highly infectious diseases. They include the MMR jab which protects against measles, mumps and rubella and the PCV vaccine which protects against pneumonia.

World Health Organisation targets state that a 95per cent uptake is necessary to protect the community as diseases quickly reappear when immunisation drops.

Andy Gregory, Chief Officer of NHS Hardwick CCG, said: “Being vaccinated is very important, not just to protect individuals, but also to stop diseases from spreading in the community and potentially seriously affecting others.

“Recent measles outbreaks in other areas have highlighted the importance of children being vaccinated and I urge parents to ensure that their children have the MMR jab if they have not already done so.”

The CCG programme smashed Department of Health targets in key areas.