Network help creates jobs

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AN INDEPENDANT evaluation has reported that businesses receiving support from the Transport iNet have created over 280 jobs in the East Midlands since the network group was set up to support small to medium sized businesses in 2009.

The report, by consultants GHK, demonstrated that SMEs receiving Transport iNet support were more likely to introduce new products, services and processes and were shown to be more than twice as active in introducing innovation over the past five years compared to others.

John Frodsham, Transport iNet Director, said: “We’ve worked with impressive companies who’ve developed fantastic innovations from LED headlamps to filter systems for luxury yachts. We’re pleased this report reflects the benefits that innovation can bring.”

Transport iNet is financed by the European Regional Development Fund and brings transport industry companies and the academic community together to share expertise and support. For Transport iNet information visit or call 01509 635270.