Neighbours can help keep Derbyshire residents safe from crime

NEIGHBOURS who watch each other’s backs can help keep them safe from crime, Derbyshire Police and Crime Commissioner Alan Charles believes.

“Many of us have a good neighbour to thank in times of need,” he said. “People who take the trouble to notice when something’s not quite right, and act upon it by alerting the police, play a valuable role in reducing and preventing crime.

“Our local Neighbourhood Policing teams are the cornerstone of policing, and they are to be congratulated on their devotion to duty. However, they would be the first to acknowledge that their work in tackling crime is so much more effective when they have the trust of the people they strive to keep safe.”

He added: “Derbyshire Constabulary benefits from some truly excellent partnership and teamwork by a variety of agencies. But their work is enormously strengthened when individuals watch out for others in their community.

“My pledge is to protect, maintain and strengthen our communities across the county. To do that successfully, your help is invaluable. I am so proud to be working alongside, and speaking out for, so many public-spirited citizens in Derbyshire.”