Neigh fries for Debbie

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A HORSE breeder who was refused service at a Mcdonald’s drive thru while in a horse and carriage has slammed the fast food giant’s health policy and vowed to boycott the chain.

Debbie Murden (42), was surprised to be turned away from the Alfreton branch on Nottingham Road last month, despite being served there just days earlier.

“Someone just came out and said they weren’t going to serve me because their health and safety policy said it is dangerous” said Ms Murden. “So I said ‘fine’ and went next door to KFC.”

But the fried chicken restaurant was more than happy to serve her in the carriage, which is pulled by a Welsh Cob named Dago.

“They couldn’t believe McDonald’s had refused us. They said we were welcome there anyday.”

Now Ms Murden - who lives in Kirkby-in-Ashfield but keeps her horses in Pinxton - is being joined by supporters in boycotting the fast food chain.

A video of the event has already racked up 160,000 hits on video sharing site,, earning her a worldwide army of supporters.

One viewer commented: “I can’t believe they turned you away. We have ridden through ours before. I would complain! Good on KFC, just a shame they don’t sell carrots.”

Ms Murden took up driving a horse and carriage after her struggle with muscular dystrophy made horse riding impossible.

She also rides a motorbike, but according to McDonald’s health and safety regulations, they are not permitted in the drive thru either.

A McDonald’s spokesperson said: “We’re very sorry to have disappointed Ms Debbie Murden and for any confusion caused. Our drive-thru lanes are custom built for motor cars, vans and trucks.

“They are extremely busy serving a large number of customers every hour, therefore our concern in this instance would be the safety of both the horse and the customer.

“We will ensure this policy is reiterated to our employees so any inconsistency is avoided.”

A spokesperson for KFC said: “Although this might not be the most traditional way to obtain our delicious Original Recipe chicken, we were happy to serve Ms Murden and look forward to seeing her again soon.”

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