'˜Near misses' spark safety fears on Chesterfield road

A new walking and cycling path in Chesterfield has been criticised as '˜dangerous' by residents.

Monday, 10th April 2017, 6:59 pm
Updated Tuesday, 9th May 2017, 7:06 pm
The new road layout at Trevorrow Crescent.

Derbyshire County Council says the ‘A61 cycle corridor’ is part of a long-term plan to make bike travel more attractive across the region.

But users have already reported several ‘near misses’, with drivers who are unaware of the new rules failing to stop for cyclists and pedestrians.

The Derbyshire Times asked residents on Facebook what they thought of the changes and many were less than impressed. Laura Monks said: “I knew it was there to give pedestrians right of way, but a lot of drivers ignore this, and carry on regardless.

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“My husband was nearly hit a few times. Not good.”

Steve Roberts said: “It’s dangerous and will eventually cause an accident either to a pedestrian or a cyclist. It is a complete waste of money.”

And Anna Rebecca said: “I didn’t realise about the changes as there was a van parked over sign and a cyclist bombed across road. Luckily I am quick on the brakes.”

A county council spokesman said: “We are not aware of any ‘near misses’ but if we do get reports we can take them into account.

The junctions have been designed to required highway authority standards.

“There are signs in place advising motorists that pedestrians and cyclists now have priority over vehicles turning off into the side roads.

“The feedback we have had so far has been very positive.

“We’ll continue to monitor the junctions in the coming months and consider further signage or road markings, if necessary.”