Natascha heads back to Westminster after ‘good, clean fight’

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North East Derbyshire will be sending Natascha Engel back to Westminster after 19,488 voters chose the Labour MP to represent them for another term.

In one of their top target seats, Conservative candidate, Lee Rowley, was the nearest challenger coming in second 1,884 votes shy of the win.

It what was a bad night for Labour nationally, Engel clung on to her seat with a reduced majority.

With delays to the parish and town council counts, the parliamentary announcement didn’t take place until 6:50am

A tired but delighted Natascha Engel spoke to the Derbyshire Times afterwards.

She said: “It’s absolutely fantastic to represent North East Derbyshire again.

“It means the world to me to have the chance to represent the area again.”

Engel added that fair play on the campaign trail made for a better experience.

She said: It’s been such a long campaign but a clean campaign and as candidates we’ve gone out of our way not to attack each other.

“This has been a positive campaign and the focus has been on promoting our own policies and this is very different to what has happened in a lot of parts of the country.

“I think this has contributed to the increased turn out across North East Derbyshire.

Labour lost huge swathes of seats to the SNP in Scotland hampering Labour’s chances of putting Ed Miliband in Downing and Engel was unsure on the direction.

Conservatives party activists were clearly disappointed with the outcome and some felt that a decent UKIP vote contributed to stopping Lee Rowley getting over the line.

One Tory activist mirrored Engel’s comment on the campaign saying it was a “good clean fight”

UKIP’s James Bush who stood in 2010 increased his vote from 2,636 to 7,631.

The Liberal Democrats were the biggest losers on the night polling 10,947 in 2010 in contrast to David Batey pulling in just 2,004 this time around.

Green candidate David Kesteven polled 1,059 and Independent candidate Rob Lane got 161 votes.