Mystery as Chesterfield mum vanishes after quitting her job

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“It’s something that you never expect to deal with and it’s the not knowing that’s hardest,” said Robert Burndred, whose partner Eileen Hill has been missing for over a week.

The 37-year-old mum left her home last Tuesday (April 29) and has not been seen since.

Mr Burndred, who has been with Ms Hill for 17 years and lives with their 14-year-old son James in Brampton, said: “It’s completely out of character. I left her having a bath in the morning. I went to work and said ‘see you later’. She was cheerful.”

But 20 minutes later police know Ms Hill took a taxi from her home to Sheffield and was dropped off on West Street at the junction with Rockingham Street.

Mr Burndred, a support worker, said: “She doesn’t have any connections with Sheffield. She doesn’t like big cities and has no reason to go.

“If we’d had a big row I may be able to understand it but everything was normal.”

Ms Hill, a waitress at The Highwayman in Eastmoor, told her partner she had phoned in sick for work that day. But Mr Burndred later discovered she had resigned from her job the day before.

He added: “She didn’t tell me and I can’t understand why. She loved her job and a lot of people liked her and asked to be served by her.”

The couple moved to Chesterfield from Leicestershire five years ago and their son attends Brookfield Community School. Eileen enjoys spending time on her allotment and had been talking the day before her disappearance about what she was planning to plant.

Mr Burndred, 47, described Eileen as a “friendly out-going person” and said: “We had been talking about going up to the allotment and doing some work, all very mundane, boring stuff that’s why it’s so unbelievable.”

He added: “James is trying to stay strong but he’s very worried. He’s close to his mum and can’t understand it.”