Mum’s warning after Chesterfield driver scares daughter


A driver which shouted nasty abuse at youngster has left her so frightened she does not want to go to school anymore.

Two men were in a dark grey car on Monday, December 14 on Middlecroft Road, Staveley when they wound down their window and frightened school friends walking home.

Mum Amanda Wadsley received a phone call from her hysterical 11-year-old daughter, Cadie, who had been shouted at.

She said: “She was absolutely terrified and crying down the phone because she had been sworn at threatened.”

Amanda told Cadie, who is a pupil at Springwell Community College, to go home and lock the door, as she was picking up her youngster daughter from St Joseph’s Primary.

“She ran all the way home and was in such a state when I got back home,” Amanda said.

The mum-of-two said the driver had got out of the car and again shouted at the girls.

Cadie has described the two men as being older one with a bald head and a little beard the other with dark hair and both had dark eyes.

Since the incident Cadie has not wanted to go to school.

Amanda said: “My little girl woke up the next day saying her leg and she felt sick and any excuse she could think off so she wouldn’t have to go to school.”

To make sure she felt safe Amanda has been walking with Cadie for the ten-minute journey from their house to the school.

Derbyshire police received other complaints from parents regarding this driver’s behaviour.

They said the driver in question was sounding his horn to get the attention of students and abusive remarks were shouted by both the driver and students before he drove off - the police are looking into it but do not believe there was were any sinister motives on the driver’s part.