Mum’s thank you to ‘fantastic’ hospital

A grateful mum has said thank you to the hospital unit which saved her daughter’s life by raising more than £1,000 through a charity event.

Natalie Day, 33, raised £1,015 money by hosting a coffee morning and raffle on at Elmton Road Social Club.

Her daughter Isabel, now 20 months old, was born with congenital heart problems and was treated at Leeds Children’s Heart Unit in 2013.

She said: “We just wanted to say thank you to them for saving her life.

“The heart unit means everything to us and everybody we have been involved with has been absolutely fantastic.

“At the end of the day they are the reason we have got our little girl and we just can’t thank them enough - she is our whole world and more.

“Isabel is now a very energetic and happy 20-month-old who never stops or sits still.

“We are amazed at the energy she has and it’s all thanks to her surgeon, Stefano Congui, and his fantastic team.”

Isabel was diagnosed with serious heart problems, including a complex issue affecting all four chambers of her heart and a double outlet right ventricle, when Natalie was 24 weeks’ pregnant.

She first visited Leeds just five days after she was born and at 17 weeks underwent a full heart repair, spending approximately four and a half hours in surgery.

Natalie, of Welbeck Street, Creswell, says she owes a lot to the support of all the family and friends who have helped her as well as Emma Clutten, another mum from the village who has a child has with heart problems.

Alex Green from the Children’s Heart Surgery Fund, said: “The vast majority of the money we need for equipment, accommodation and staff comes from the families of children who have been treated on our ward.

“Put simply we wouldn’t exist without the vital fundraising done by Natalie and other parents like her.”