MP slams school’s grant cut

Toby Perkins MP
Toby Perkins MP

The MP for Chesterfield has slammed budget cuts which will see a primary school lose up to £18,000 used to help autistic children.

Brampton Primary School in Chesterfield is one of several schools across the country which received funding through the Department for Education to help cover the extra costs required to support children with autism.

But changes to the system mean that ‘enhanced units’, such as the one in Brampton, will receive funding on a per-pupil basis, meaning Brampton will be up to £18,000 worse off.

Toby Perkins MP said the funding changes were “shameful.”

After meeting headteacher Wayne Parkinson and parents, Mr Perkins said: “I can’t praise Brampton School enough for their fantastic, innovative work. I was really impressed. I share the concerns of staff and parents that standards will fall if funding is reduced. It’s the pupils who will ultimately lose out.

“I’ll be taking up the concerns with Education Secretary Michael Gove to push for an improved deal for Brampton and other schools affected by this shameful policy.”

Mr Parkinson added: “These are some of the most vulnerable children but it will be difficult for us to go without the funding. We don’t have a magic wand.”