MP’S COLUMN: Derbyshire is full of unsung heroes

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One of the great things about North East Derbyshire is the number of local groups and individuals who give up their free time to help others.

Whether it’s running the local youth group, providing First Aid at the village gala or working hard to protect the environment we live in, Derbyshire is full of unsung heroes.

These people are often the glue that hold our communities together.

They offer help and support to the people that need it most and although some of these good Samaritans might receive recognition from time to time, there are others who go unnoticed.

It’s important that we let these people know just how much we appreciate them and that’s why I launched my Leading Light award scheme last month.

One of the first people to receive an award was 19-year-old Greg Roberts who has been part of the Eckington Youth Forum, known as UFI, for six years.

When Eckington Youth Centre was threatened with closure in 2012, Greg campaigned to keep it open and save the jobs of the youth workers there, the campaign was successful.

It’s easy to take things for granted and we sometimes don’t realise just how much of a difference people like Greg make. Every month I will be naming a new community champion and presenting them with one of my Leading Light award.

I am looking forward to honouring those people in our communities who deserve it most.

By Natashcha Engel, MP, North East Derbyshire.