MP praises workers over fire

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CHESTERFIELD Member of Parliament Toby Perkins MP paid tribute to the commitment, bravery and professionalism of the town’s public sector workers after the huge Royal Hospital fire on Saturday night.

After a tour of the main entrance areas crippled by the fire that started in the Newsagent on Saturday night, Mr Perkins saluted staff who had enable the hospital to be back providing full services within 24 hours of the huge fire starting.

Firefighters battled the huge blaze, and then Hospital staff came in on days off, and performed all sorts of tasks to get the hospital back up and running and providing a full service to out patients and Accident and Emergency cases by Monday morning.

After being shown the newsagent and other areas completely gutted by fire, Toby Perkins said: “It just shows the value of our public servants at their best. The fire has caused enormous damage, but the hard work, commitment and flexibility of Fire service, Police and NHS staff means that patients arriving for medical services today will receive their treatment as normal. I am told that whilst the ‘customer experience’ may be a bit more rudimentary than normal, the health care provided will be just as good as normal.”

On the fire itself, Mr Perkins said: “It appears that the fire shutters came down and enabled the blaze to be isolated and prevented it travelling too far, and the hospital are confident that their insurance cover will mean that there is no financial hardship to the trust.

Having seen first hand the twisted metal bent out of shape by a fire that is estimated to have touched 800 degree C at its core, it is amazing that the hospital is back up and running and serious injury or death were prevented.

I look forward to hearing if there are any further lessons the trust can learn from this major incident in their all party review meeting on Wednesday, and am thankful that the quick work and bravery of staff prevented a major incident turning into a tragedy.”

For a full report on Saturday night’s hospital fire, see this week’s Derbyshire Times.