MP must now do her bit: Practice what you preach

As a local person who has become disallusioned with politics in general, I would like to point out to Natascha Engel, MP, that although the Tories originally introduced the fuel escalator, Labour raised the percentage rate.

So, eventually, after a start point of some of the cheapest fuel in Europe, we now pay amongst the highest prices.

Perhaps we need to do this to subsidise the purchase of expensive wine and Champagne glasses – which Miss Engel claimed for, amongst many other items the tax payer has to provide for her.

She mentions the hikes in gas prices, yet presides over a council who are currently spending millions on removing cheaper solid fuel heating from the district’s council properties.

I recall attending one of her surgeries several years ago to draw attention to this fact, and was told in no uncertain terms to leave, as I lived outside the constituency.

So come on Natascha, do your bit, be content with just your pay like the rest of us have to be and don’t preach about increasing prices when the tennants in your area are being enslaved by them.

T. Whapplington