MP defends ‘tough decisions’ as more spending cuts loom

The High Peak MP has defended Government cuts in spending claiming they are the only way to tough out the financial crisis.

Andrew Bingham commented: “When we came into power we faced this economic crisis, some say it’s the biggest since World War Two.

“The deficit is down by a good chunk but we hear about billions and billions of pounds still owed – it is an eye–watering amount.

“You can’t overstate how difficult it is to get this under control, so we have had to make some tough decisions.”

Among the announcements made by Chancellor George Osborne last week were changes to welfare which will come into effect in 2015 and include a tougher stance on job seekers and compulsory English tests for people seeking benefits who don’t speak the language .

“We are still protecting the NHS,” Mr Bingham said.

“Every single pound that is saved there stays in the health service.”

He added that the education budget had been protected and he wanted a new formula for working out school funding to be created taking into account rurality.