Motorists warned after police find valuables left on show

Drivers are being urged not to leave valuables on show after a police patrol in Buxton and Fairfield spotted a total of 245 vehicles with items that would attract thieves clearly displayed.

Officers have since posted crime prevention advice leaflets around the streets where these vehicles were spotted.

But Sergeant Jon Lloyd, from Buxton Safer Neighbourhood Team, said drivers are still not paying attention to simple security tips.

He said: “We have been trying to push this message to everyone but are still finding some drivers leaving valuables on show in their car.

“To a thief, that is a clear invite and they won’t hesitate to steal those items if you give them half a chance.

“That leaves you with a smashed window or broken door lock, missing valuables, a repair bill and the very high chance of increased insurance premiums.

“All drivers have to do is take some very quick, simple steps and they can easily avoid the distress caused by having their car broken into.”

Crime prevention advice includes:

* Remove all valuables when you leave your car;

* Fit a good quality alarm or make sure the car’s alarm is in working order;

* Make sure the vehicle’s windows and doors are locked when it is left;

* Park in a secure garage or in a well-lit area.

Sgt Lloyd added: “Our aim is to keep people safe and our patrols help to do that – but the public can help themselves, too, simply by observing these really simple, common sense crime prevention tips.”