Motorists still not keen to buy cars online

Motorists lack the confidence to buy a car online, research by Manheim Auctions has revealed.

Despite spending an average of 18 hours online researching a car before they make a purchase, taking the plunge and buying online is still a step too far.

Two thirds of motorists admitted they wouldn’t have the confidence to buy online, whilst 25 per cent said that although they’d be happy to find a car and agree a price online, they wouldn’t part with any cash until they’d seen it.

“There is no question that the internet has become the primary research tool for motorists looking for a car. But when it comes to actually buying online, without seeing the vehicle first, consumers are just not ready to take the plunge. Motorists are wary and despite the rise in the number of used car websites, we’ve found that consumers are not confident enough to make this sort of purchase online,” said Craig Mailey, marketing director, Manheim Auctions.

The study also showed that motorists spend hours trawling the internet researching their next car, looking at the best deals on the market, comparing makes and models on a variety of websites and checking out insurance, tax brackets and, increasingly, fuel consumption for vehicles. Over half of motorists even admitted to surfing car websites just for fun, searching for their ‘dream’.