Mindless vandals on dirt bikes 'rip up' Chesterfield golf green

Pictures posted publicly on Facebook.
Pictures posted publicly on Facebook.

Mindless vandals used dirt bikes to 'rip up' the eighth green at Tapton Park Golf Club.

The above pictures posted on Facebook show individuals riding on the Crow Lane site in Chesterfield.

Tom Booth, golf manager for SIV - which owns the club - said: "It is disappointing and disrespectful when a place such as Tapton Park Golf Club, where people come to relax and enjoy a round of golf, is treated like this.

"We'd much rather they enjoyed our facilities - whether it is the golf course, the driving range or the footgolf course - in the proper manner rather than causing needless vandalism.

"However, we have an excellent, hard-working team here who all pulled together and the damage was repaired in time to host one of the club's most important tournaments of the year."