‘Mindless vandals’ deface Chesterfield war memorial

Yobs have defaced Chesterfield war memorial.
Yobs have defaced Chesterfield war memorial.

Mindless vandals have defaced Chesterfield war memorial.

The yobs sprayed graffiti on the Rose Hill memorial over the weekend.

Reader Jacky Sockett alerted the Derbyshire Times about the vandalism – which comes during the centenary year of the First World War.

Jacky, of Chesterfield, said: “I’m so angry about this – it’s absolutely disgusting.

“My heart goes out to the relatives and friends of the fallen of Chesterfield who have to see such mindless vandalism when they visit or pass the memorial.

“It shows such total disregard and utter disrespect for the brave men and women who died for us. Whoever did this is an utter lowlife.”

The graffiti was cleaned up by Chesterfield Borough Council by Tuesday morning.

A spokesman for Derbyshire police said: “We would encourage anyone who has information about who might be responsible to contact police on 101 and we will take action to bring the offenders to justice.”

The memorial was last defaced in August 2013.

Councillor John Burrows, Chesterfield Borough Council leader, said: “It’s disgraceful that the memorial has again been defaced by mindless vandals who show no respect. Each time this happens, we remove the graffiti – this costs £650 to clean, using taxpayers’ money, which we should be spending on delivering services to our residents.”

The news sparked anger among hundreds of users of the Derbyshire Times’ Facebook group.

Jonathan Woodhead said: “Disgraceful.”

Anthony Crowley said: “So wrong. If they ever catch the little sods they should be made to clean it up on a Saturday in front of everyone!”

Beckie Newton said: “If I found out any of my kids were responsible for this, I’d drag them there by the scruff of their neck and make them clean it off with a toothbrush. They wouldn’t leave till it was spotless then they would be grounded for life.”

Julie Cartledge said: “It’s absolutely disgraceful and whoever has done it should be named and shamed.”

Chris Mallory said: “If caught they should be named, shamed and made to clean it off in broad daylight.”

Lee Cousins said: “There is no excuse for this. It’s scandalous and the person needs naming and shaming with their picture on the front page of the DT.”

Marie Catherine England said: “I’m not shocked, I’m disappointed. This means someone out there has not taught their child to respect history, what happened back then and why. They need punishing then educating. Sharpish.”

Mark Truswell said: “It’s only to be expected in this day and age – the youth are not shown any consequences for anything they do so they have no fear.”

David Green said: “Some national service would put the respect back into them for the war dead.”

Emma Macey said: “Nothing shocks me any more. It’s just a lack of respect for those people who have given theier life for Queen and country.”

Julie Turner said: “It’s disgusting that someone would do this. And no, not all young people are the same – my children certainly would never do such a thing but some kids do what they want when they want without any thought of anyone else.”