'˜Micro-pub' sparks bitter row on Chesterfield estate

A row is brewing over plans to open a new '˜micro-pub' on a Chesterfield estate.

Thursday, 9th February 2017, 12:03 pm
Updated Tuesday, 28th February 2017, 12:47 pm
The former takeaway unit at Breckland Road in Walton.

The proposed new watering-hole would be situated on Breckland Road in a former takeaway unit on the Walton shops complex.

However, many residents are unhappy with the plan and a 162-signature petition has been lodged in opposition to it.

The petition complains that the new pub would cause an increase in anti-social behaviour, including litter, vandalism and disturbance, particularly at night.

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Breckland Road shops, Walton.

It also claims the development would not fit with the ‘young family’ demographic of the area and could cause residents to fear for their or their families safety when passing.

As well as the 162 residents, the three councillors for the area - Alexis Diouf, Vickey-Anne Diouf and Nick Redihough - have also objected to the plan.

The police, however, say the development could be acceptable as long as more detail is provided and opening hours are reduced.

Other residents have also have taken to social media to defend the plan.

Breckland Road shops, Walton.

On the social-networking website Streetlife, Tracey H said: “I think it would be a great idea! It would bring all local people together and could be used for social events.

“There is ‘The Real Ale Corner’ on Morrisons roundabout and the ‘Ale House’ on West Bars if anyone wanted to see what they are like.”

And Geoff W said: “I’m personally in favour of such a development, a micropub is not the sort of place lager louts would be seen dead in - they don’t play music, and there are no gaming machines.

“They’re used by like minded adults to meet and to use the old art of conversation over a quality beer - you would not know it was there.”

And in a business plan submitted to Chesterfield Borough Council, the man behind it says he hopes to turn the shop into a ‘community real ale pub’.

He goes on to add that ‘drunken behaviour is not a hall mark of this type of premises’.

The change of use application is due to be considered by Chesterfield Borough Council on February 24.

However, planning officers said that due to the number of complaints they have received, this may have to be put back to a later date.