Merry landlord is a gem: Good service is the secret

I refer to MP Toby Perkins’ article January 10th 2013 regarding a fairer deal for pubs.

I hope Mr Perkins is successful in changing legislation that will help ‘the little guy’.

Pubs require assistance and when that arrives it will be those that offer the very best service that will rise to the top and succeed.

Last Monday I had the unfortunate experience of ‘breaking down’ between Cutthorpe and Baslow.

In a hurry to leave the house on that rushed Monday morning I inadvertently left my phone at home. I decided to walk back to Cutthorpe (three miles) in order to arrange assistance.

The Three Merry Lads was the first pub I came across that was willing to help. To be fair, the first pub was closed. The second pub said they didn’t have a phone. The Three Merry Lads was in the middle of redecoration and I am sure the last thing they wanted was some ‘waif and stray’ calling in to buy a cup of coffee and to ask for the use of the pub’s phone.

But this is where pure, natural good service kicks in. Chris Booth made a fresh pot of coffee, handed me his mobile phone to make calls and allowed me to sit in his warm building while I waited for the recovery vehicle.

He even found time to engage in conversation, like the old fashioned pub landlords of yesteryear.

As I was ready to leave I asked how much did I owe. He refused to accept any payment. Cutthorpe has a real gem at the Three Merry Lads and I am sure if Mr Perkins is successful in helping the pub industry, then this establishment will go from strength to strength.

R. Harwood