Meet our new bloggers

FROM culture clashes to sport, rants to recipes, our bloggers are sharing their thoughts, opinions and passions exclusively for the Derbyshire Times.

To read any of the blogs click the external links for each writer on the right.

The bloggers are:

Champion fencer HANNAH LAWRENCE sharing her journey to the London 2012 Olympics.

“Grumpy old woman” RACHEL WESTON rants about the annoying side of life with weekly recipes also in the mix.

Walton dad WILL JACKSON, who describes himself as a “2.4 family man”, but with bizarre things always happening to him.

Straight from the horse’s mouth are the words of EMMA SALT juggling family life, keeping three ponies, running a business and lecturing in animal care

Formula 1 fan JAMES SINGLETON documents the twists and turns of the motorsport field.

Arts and crafts from the creative village of Clowne are the feature of resident JULIE BAUGH’s blog.

Football fan DEAN FIDLER will focus on the beautiful game as well as life in Chesterfield.

Spaniard RUBÉN MARTIN writes about the experience of moving to Derbyshire.