Meadowhall issues statement after customer moans there are no bins in shopping centre

Meadowhall is one of the busiest shopping centres in the UK with thousands of customers flocking there every week.

Thursday, 24th January 2019, 2:14 pm
Updated Thursday, 24th January 2019, 3:28 pm

Whether it’s a spot of shopping or grabbing a bite to eat, it’s hard to find something not to enjoy about a day out at Meadowhall.

Meadowhall has recently undergone a huge £100million transformation project, involving the refurbishment of the entire shopping centre.

However, following the refurbishment, many customers had the exact same problem.

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One look at Twitter would tell you that, as well as being impressed by the new layout and features, they were also left frustrated by the lack of bins.

In October 2017, Meadowhall clarified that the bins had been reduced as part of the refurbishment.

Tyler Harrison tweeted: “Why are there no bins in Meadowhall? Disgrace.”

However, this seemed to change in March last year when a few more bins magically appeared as well as the very polite bins in the Oasis dining area.

Sabu tweeted: “Meadowhall actually has bins now, congratulations.”

Amy Leigh tweeted: “Just walked through Meadowhall to find they now have bins, what a time to be alive.”

But some customers still aren’t convinced and have called on Meadowhall to bring more bins back to the shopping centre to avert potential catastrophes like this one.

“I’m still somewhat baffled why they got rid of every single bin as part of the Meadowhall revamp. Now you have a choice between littering or carrying around your empty carrot and avocado dip packet,” remarked James Marriott.

The situation proved too much for one customer who tweeted Meadowhall directly asking: “Where are the damn bins in @LoveMeadowhall.”

Meadowhall replied stating: “Hi Thomas, we have bins at all entrances, the Oasis, Park Lane, The Arcade, The High Street and The Gallery.”