McDonald’s is lovin’ litter crackdown in Chesterfield

McDonald's staff on their big litter pick as part of their Love Where You Live campaign
McDonald's staff on their big litter pick as part of their Love Where You Live campaign

Community-minded fast food staff joined forces with the Keep Britain Tidy scheme to clean up a 2.5mile area of Chesterfield.

McDonald’s franchisee Walter Wright, Business Manager Damian Boswell, Planet Champion Sam Johnson, and crew from three McDonald’s restaurants in Chesterfield took part in the clean-up and targeted problem littering areas in the town centre.

The event, which took place last month, saw 30 volunteers from the three restaurants in Chesterfield head out on a 2.5mile route including a skate park and local playing area.

The team collected 21 bags of rubbish in three hours and the response from the public who saw the event taking place was really positive.

This event is just one of a number of McDonald’s clean-ups which have taken place across the UK as part of Keep Britain Tidy’s anti-littering campaign Love Where You Live.

The campaign and partnership is now in its fifth year and continues to encourage communities to take action against littering.

Keep Britain Tidy has praised McDonald’s in its efforts to crackdown on littering.

Interim CEO of Keep Britain Tidy, Rich McIlwain, said: “McDonald’s has shown a real commitment to tackling the problem of litter through their own business practices and through their work with communities to clear up the area.

McDonald’s Walter Wright also thanked staff for taking action against litter. He said: “We understand the role we play in making the area a better place. When local businesses and community members work together we are able to achieve so much more.”