Market is a total shambles: Town centre is ruined

This morning I witnessed an altercation between an elderly gentleman on a mobility scooter and a breakdown salesman.

The elderly gentleman was trying to get round the corner by the Santander bank. He was having trouble because there was a plant seller in the way.

The breakdown cover salesman was very rude and said: ‘You will have to find another way round’, and he carried on setting up his stall.

I am fed up of these market sellers and others setting up seemingly anywhere they choose, blocking our way around town and making it look a mess.

We have a fish stall outside the lovely Monsoon, and any number of others blocking the area into Vicar Lane and spreading upwards from Church Lane.

Marks & Spencer also have their lovely window displays spoiled by stalls setting up outside.

Meanwhile, the market – where all of these stalls should be – has lots of empty stalls.

When asked by visitors to Chesterfield where the market is? My answer is: ‘All over the place.’

G.P. Davis