Man with drink problem spared jail


A NORTH Derbyshire man with a drink problem has been handed a suspended prison sentence for theft and drug offences.

Shane Smith drank eight cans of strong lager before going to a car compound in Heath and entering an unlocked vehicle last August 13.

“He saw a computer monitor inside and put it in a wheelbarrow he found at the scene,” Bill Taylor, prosecuting, told Chesterfield magistrates.

“It appears that he was living in a shed at a house nearby at the time. He sold the barrow for £5 and the monitor for £20 to get more money for drink because he suffers from alcoholism.”

Smith, 27, of Compton Street, Holmewood, admitted stealing the barrow from Robert Bootyman and the monitor from Paul Dakin.

He further admitted possessing amphetamine at Holmewood on August 8, when he was searched by police who had a warrant to arrest him.

The bench imposed a 12-week jail term but suspended it for a year. They also gave him a one-year probation supervision order, including a six-month alcohol treatment programme, with £85 costs. The amphetamine will be destroyed.

“He was living in a shed at one time but he is living with a friend at the moment,” said Smith’s solicitor, Bob Bashforth.