Man who stole from his own mum sold items on fake Facebook account

From the courts
From the courts

A Matlock man used a bogus Facebook account to sell property he had stolen from his mother, a court heard.

Ryan Williamson used a laptop belonging to his mother, Cheryl Williamson, during a visit to her home in Chatsworth Road, Rowsley, on July 27.

She became suspicious after noticing he had logged in under the name ‘Bill Ward’ and saw he was advertising two sets of golf clubs for sale.

Some golf clubs had recently been stolen from her shed, and a laptop, camcorder, DVD player, MP3 player, mobile phone and silver bracelets were among other items missing from her property.

John Cooper, prosecuting, told Chesterfield magistrates that ‘Bill Ward’ had the same contact phone number as her son.

Mr Cooper told magistrates: “His mother said: ‘I am very disappointed and it hurts me to report this to police but I can’t see any other way to make him see right from wrong’. It’s a mean offence.”

Williamson, 21, told police he knew nothing about the stolen items and initially denied knowledge of the Bill Ward profile.

“He said the golf clubs belonged to a friend called Jack Nicholson and other items he had sold were found in a sofa when he moved into his home,” added Mr Cooper.

Williamson, of Dale Road, Matlock, later confessed to stealing all his mother’s missing property and selling it online to buy cannabis.

His solicitor, Julie Page, said he was regularly in trouble in his youth, when money was “tight” following his parents’ divorce.

She added: “He was introduced to cannabis and he started stealing to fund the lifestyle he wanted rather than the one he could afford.

“He gained work for a roofer and he had enough to live on but the work dried up. He was on benefit and addicted to cannabis, using about £20 worth a day.

“He took expensive items to sell and it was always going to detected. As police questioning continued he made full admissions.”

Mrs Page added that Williamson had sought help from a drug agency.

Williamson admitted theft of property between April 1 and July 31.

He had previous convictions for house burglary, theft from a vehicle and taking a vehicle without consent and he had been locked up in the past.

Presiding magistrate David Sobczak imposed a one-year probation supervision order, with 60 hours unpaid work and £820 compensation.