Man stole £29,000 from his grandma

Law and order
Law and order

A MAN could be jailed after his 78-year-old grandmother found he had stolen almost £29,000 from her bank account.

David Fareham had been given responsibility for Kathleen Fareham’s finances after she moved into Thomas College House care home in Bolsover, following the sale of her house.

Chesterfield magistrates heard Mrs Fareham was a retired book-keeper and she became suspicious when he stopped showing her bank statements.

“She went to the bank with her social worker and found money had been going into another bank account over an 18-month period.

“She knew nothing about these transactions”, said David Horne, prosecuting.

“Her debit card had been used in shops and filling stations on a regular basis. He knew her pin number as he had to make purchases for her.

“She confronted her grandson about it and he wrote her a short note of apology.

“She agreed to meet him and he admitted taking the money and police were contacted.”

Mr Horne said a total of £28,938 was stolen from her between January 2009 and June 20.

Fareham (29) was interviewed and said he had power of attorney regarding his grandmother’s finances and he had been living beyond his means.

“He said he was struggling and he moved money from her account to his on a regular basis and he became reliant on her money.

“He said he used her card to pay for everyday items,” said Mr Horne.

Fareham, of Pennine Way, Loundsley Green, admitted theft. He had no previous convictions.

The justices said it was a breach of trust against a vulnerable victim and they committed the case to be dealt with by a judge at Derby Crown Court on September 23.

Probation service reports were ordered with custody among the sentencing options. Fareham was granted bail on condition he did not contact his grandmother or go to the care home.