Man's final note

A depressed divorcee was found dead at his north Derbyshire home after taking a lethal combination of prescribed drugs and alcohol.

Barry Edwards, a former construction consultant, had left a note on his door stating: "Don't come in — fetch police", a Chesterfield inquest heard.

His daughter Victoria raised the alarm during a visit on February 1 and Mr Edwards (59) was found dead on a bed by police. He had left a note which indicated suicide.

Pathologist Dr Sheik Salih stated that Mr Edwards, of Pear Tree Avenue, Wingerworth, was on medication for depression and angina.

He reported that the levels of drugs taken were not high enough to kill him but were fatal when combined with an alcohol level equivalent to about two and a half times the limit for motorists.

He gave the cause of death as respiratory failure, brought on by the combination of drugs and drink, with heart disease a secondary contributory factor.

Acting North Derbyshire Coroner Robert Hunter said Mr Edwards may have been unaware of the dangers of mixing alcohol and medication, and recorded a verdict of death by misadventure.