Man jailed after “sustained and vicious” street attack

A WHITWELL man is behind bars after a court heard how he launched a “sustained and vicious” street attack on his then-partner.

A witness told police that Scott Lowery had banged Lucie Sibbring’s head on a wall and the road during the July 3 assault.

Lowery (21) had been in a two-year relationship with Ms Sibbring and she stated that he had been violent towards her on previous occasions after drinking.

He got very drunk when they attended a friend’s barbecue party and he lost their house keys, Chesterfield magistrates heard.

They were allowed to stay at the friend’s home but a row between them led to him punching a wall, and they were asked to leave.

Sarah Haslam, prosecuting, said the couple argued outside about where they could go next and Ms Sibbring told him: “You go your way and I’ll go mine”.

Lowery then head-butted her in the face. He grabbed her and she bit him to make him let go. He took hold of her hair and punched her in the face a few times.

Mrs Haslam said a Whitwell resident was woken up by the couple arguing in the street and saw Lowery grab Ms Sibbring’s head and bang it hard against a wall.

“He was seen to punch her on the head and body and kick her stomach. He was shouting at her and he put her in a headlock.

“She fell to the ground and he banged her head on the road,” said Mrs Haslam, adding that locals intervened to stop the attack.

Police arrived and he was arrested. Ms Sibbring had injuries including a lump the size of a golf ball on her head. He later told police he was drunk at the time and could not recall the incident.

Lowery, of Middlegate Field Drive, Whitwell, admitted assault and was jailed for four months by presiding magistrate Mrs Pat Boyle, who told him: “This was a sustained and vicious attack. It was an abuse of power and you were eventually stopped by members of the public.”

Jon Barber, for Lowery, said he was a hard-working young man with no record of assaults and disorder.

He drank regularly at weekends without getting into bother but, on this occasion, he drank so much he could recall little about the offence.

Mr Barber said Ms Sibbring made no reference to being kicked or having her head banged against anything in her statement of complaint to police.

He added: “She was prevented from going to his parents’ house. They have never approved of the relationship and are not disappointed that it is at an end.”