Man faces prison after assault


JAIL could be looming for a man after he struck another man on the head with a bottle in a Ripley club.

Victim Eric Gregory was enjoying a night out with his partner, relatives and friends in Ice club, on Nottingham Road, when the attack took place.

Chesterfield magistrates’ court heard how Patrick Johnson, 35, declared he was going to have sex with Mr Gregory’s partner and Mr Gregory told him to calm it down but Johnson replied with abuse and grabbed Mr Gregory’s neck.

Mr Gregory told police: “He was carrying a bottle and he hit me to the side of my head.” The victim received hospital treatment following the assault.

Chesterfield magistrates heard that Johnson was arrested and claimed he had retaliated after being struck first on the head.

He said he could not remember whether he was holding a bottle but this was confirmed by CCTV film, said Ms Mahon, prosecuting.

Johnson, of Tappesfield Road, London, admitted the August 6 assault. The bench decided their sentencing powers were insufficient in this case and committed him to be dealt with by a judge at Derby Crown Court on October 14.

He told the court: “I’m totally sorry about what I’ve done. I was not in the right frame of mind. It was a drunken thing.”