Man died after taking M-Cat on night-out in Chesterfield

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A MAN died after taking mephedrone - an inquest has ruled.

A night out ended in tragedy for Chesterfield man Shane Hale, 30, who was found dead by his girlfriend at their home in Ashford Court.

Mr Hale, a care worker, had been out drinking with friends in Chesterfield town centre on July 19.

He later told his girlfriend Leza Green he had taken a tablet but did not know what it was.

Miss Green, also a carer, left for work at 6.30am on July 20 leaving her boyfriend snoring on the sofa.

When she returned home at 8.50pm she said: “Everything was as I had left it and the smell of death hit me as soon as I walked in as I’m used to it in my line of work.”

Friend Mark Needham said during the hearing on Monday that Mr Hale had gone missing for a couple of hours during their night-out.

He later appeared, at around 4am, soaking wet and began drinking left-over drinks from around the pub.

When asked where he had been the dad-of-one said he had blacked out.

Toxicology tests revealed alochol and the drug mephedrone in his system.

Coroner Nigel Anderson recorded a narrative verdict and added: “It’s a really tragic death.

“He would not have known what he was taking would lead to his death.”