Man awaits sentencing after punching door during booze-fuelled row

Gavel and scales
Gavel and scales

A man punched and damaged a door in a home after he had a booze-fuelled row with his girlfriend.

Chesterfield magistrates’ court heard on Wednesday, March 30, how Ryan James Herring, 22, formerly of Hasland, Chesterfield, was followed upstairs by his girlfriend as he tried to get out of the way and as the row continued he punched a door.

Defence solicitor Simon Gwynne said: “He was living with his girlfriend in the Chesterfield area and it was about 4am and they had both had too much to drink and they both had an argument.

“Herring responded by going upstairs to get away but he was followed and the tirade continued and as a consequence Mr Herring punched a door.”

The complainant contacted police, according to Mr Gwynne, to get the defendant to leave which is what the original argument had been about but Herring had not wanted to go because he had no money and his only other address was in Sheffield.

Herring, now of Findern Crescent, Sheffield, pleaded guilty to causing criminal damage after the incident on January 23.

Mr Gwynne added that Herring has had drug problems and has developed a dependence on alcohol.

Magistrates adjourned the case until April 20 to consider a pending probation report before sentencing.

Herring was granted conditional bail on the grounds he does not contact the complainant.