Mamba-user was reported lying in the road with his trousers down after taking the zombie-drug

A drug-addict who was reported to police after he was spotted in the middle of the road with his trousers down was found in possession of the zombie-drug Mamba.

Monday, 4th March 2019, 12:43 pm
Updated Monday, 4th March 2019, 12:47 pm

Chesterfield magistrates’ court heard on February 25 how Adam Matthew Devine, 31, of no fixed abode, was eventually found by police unconscious in a front garden with a small amount of the cannabinoid drug Mamba in his sock.

Prosecuting solicitor John Cooper said: “Police were contacted over concerns at St Augustine’s Road, at Birdholme, Chesterfield, about a man in the middle of a road with his trousers down.

“Officers attended and various searches were made and he was found unconscious in a front garden.

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Chesterfield magistrates' court.

“He was identified as this defendant and it appeared he had taken too much methadone and he was taken to hospital and a small amount of Mamba was found in his sock.”

The controlled class B drug Mamba has been dubbed the zombie-drug because many of its users are found in a collapsed zombie-like state.

Devine told police he had been to Grangewood to score a gramme bag of Mamba and what was found in his sock was Mamba.

He added that he had one splif coming back from Grangewood and he did not know what had happened after that or where he was.

Devine said he does suffer episodes and told police he had taken methadone in the morning and smokes Mamba every day and he has been addicted to it for years but does not believe it has any effect on him.

The defendant, who has previous convictions spanning over many years, pleaded guilty to possessing 0.66grammes of the class B controlled drug after the incident on July 9.

Defence solicitor Kirsty Sargent said there has been a delay in bringing the offence to court because police had to analyse the drug and confirm it was Mamba.

She explained Devine was jailed shortly after this offence for another crime and if the Mamba possession had been dealt with at the same time it would not have made a material difference to that custodial sentence.

Magistrates sentenced Devine to a 12 month conditional discharge but warned if he commits another offence in the next year he will be re-sentenced for the drugs possession.

Devine must also pay a £20 victim surcharge.