Lucky escape for man after Chesterfield roof collapse

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A 41-year-old man has a lucky escape when he narrowly avoided being hit on the head by a clump of tiles which fell from the top of a three-storey building.

Stuart Laver, of Chesterfield, was walking along West Bars, in Chesterfield, on Wednesday lunchtime when he heard a loud crash just behind him.

“I turned around and saw the tiles on the floor and I thought ‘that was a lucky escape’,” he said.

Stuart, who works in IT, said there was a large number of tiles on the pavement behind him, including the apex tile from the very top of the roof.

He believes that if they had hit him he would have been killed.

“It happened a second after I had walked past,” he added.

“I’ve lost one of my nine lives.”

Emergency services were called and firefighters used an aerial ladder platform to access the roof and make it safe.

Police cordoned off the area while this was taking place.