Love Chesterfield? Help us capture life in a day!

Cloudscape at sunrise
Cloudscape at sunrise
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THE summer solstice is upon us, and your Derbyshire Times is looking to celebrate the ‘Longest Day’ of the year with a snapshot of life in our amazing county.

Still fresh in the mind of many Cestrefeldians is the spiteful swipe by a Metro journalist, who thoughtlessly slated Chesterfield.

The result was a backlash from all quarters of the town, and indeed the county, as YOU went about putting the record straight.

It culminated in the national newspaper swallowing humble pie, and publishing a follow-up article from Chesterfield Borough Council Leader John Burrows, who virtually gave the title a bloody nose with his sharp riposte.

Now the Derbyshire Times is taking this one step further, and we need YOUR help.

On Friday, our news team plans to rise from their beds before sunrise, and retire to rest when the sun goes down. During that time, we plan to capture – on video – a day in the life of a Derbyshire resident.

From the sublime to the ridiculous, the humdrum to the extraordinary. We want you to pull out your smartphones and shoot a short 30 second clip of something happening in your life on the longest day.

We’re looking for scores of snapshots of life – not just scenery, but work, play, children, adults, old, young – you name it, we need YOU to film it, and email it to us –

If you #LoveChesterfield, get involved!