Long serving society member honoured

Maurice Tither (centre) with the Mayor Councillor Peter Barr (left) and Bryan Thompson (right)
Maurice Tither (centre) with the Mayor Councillor Peter Barr (left) and Bryan Thompson (right)

CHESTERFIELD and District Civic Society has honoured member Maurice Tither after he has played a key part in the organisation for over forty years.

Mr Tither was the Society’s Chairman for a couple of years in the early 1980s and subsequently its publicity officer and has been a member for many years.

Sadly, due to ill health, he was obliged to resign from the committee earlier this year, but in recognition of his service a tree was planted in the grounds of the Eyre Chapel at Newbold, on Saturday, December 11.

Proceedings were led by society chairman Bryan Thompson who gave a brief overview of Maurice’s service.

He also explained the choice of tree, a medlar, in recognition of Maurice’s civic ‘meddling’ on behalf of the society for many years.

Mr Thompson said: “This is an apt reminder of his fine work and that of others in the early days of the society who demonstrated that by addressing threats to our heritage, greater and more sustainable investments follow. It is a great legacy.”

Despite the cold weather, the ceremony was well attended. Those present included the Chesterfield Mayor and Mayoress Cllr Peter Barr and Jean Barr.

Maurice then described in some detail the history of the society, particularly its involvement in the taking of the Eyre Chapel from dereliction to a valuable civic amenity.

Maurice said: “I take great satisfaction seeing this historic building so well used by the community.”

The ceremony was concluded with light refreshments in the chapel.