Locals unite to fight plans

Dove Holes residents have joined forces to fight a major planning application on the Meadows Estate - where roads and pavements have still not been completed after 15 years.

People living on the estate have been campaigning for years to get the roads and pavements adopted but have so far been unsuccessful, despite lodging a sum of money between £250 and £1,000 with their solicitors when they bought the properties to pay for the work to be done.

And now a planning application for a further 58 houses with access only through Walker Brow - one of the unfinished roads on the estate - is causing them serious concerns.

A meeting was held on Sunday at the Community Association when the main concerns raised by residents were that the existing roads hadn’t yet been adopted and were in an awful condition with raised and broken manholes and raised grids on the footpaths.

Access on and off the A6 road was one of the other main issues raised alongside a lack of facilities.

Resident Neil Livesey said: “If this goes through one car per house will make a difference of 42,500 vehicle movements a year on the A6.”

And Colin Timperley added: “You can come down here sometimes and there will be six or eight children running across the road.

“There is also a lady I see walking round here with a guide dog. It is like waiting for a disaster to happen and it certainly wants looking into.

“I’m not against development as such as long as it is safe for everybody concerned.”

Residents are in the process of arranging a meeting with their ward councillor Derek Udale to discuss the issues. They have also created a petition opposing the development and many have also voiced their concerns as part of the planning application consultation process.