Local election winners come in

A Polling Station in Cliffe.
A Polling Station in Cliffe.

ELECTION results from across the county are coming in thick and fast today.

See below for lists of elected candidates as they are announced.

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Derbyshire Dales District Council

The ward of Matlock All Saints is to have a recount at 11am Friday May 26 and there was nobody standing in Stanton.

Currently the political make-up of the council is: Con, 26, Ind, 1, Lab, 5, Lib Dems, 3.

Dales results

Ashbourne North

Stephen Bull, Con, 785, ELECTED

Tony Millward, Con, 673, ELECTED

Ashbourne South

Tom Donnelly, Con, 583, ELECTED

Andrew Iain Lewer, Con, 883, ELECTED


Philippa Tilbrook, Con, 1121, ELECTED

Judith Anne Twigg, Con, 1378, ELECTED

Carol Ann Walker, Con, 1245, ELECTED


Janet Goodison, Con, 430, ELECTED


Angus David Jenkins, Con, 517, ELECTED


Cate Hunt, Con, unopposed, ELECTED

Carsington Water

Lewis Michael Rose, Con, unopposed, ELECTED


Michael Vernon Longden, Con, unopposed, ELECTED

Clifton and Bradley

Andrew Shirley, Con, 512, ELECTED

Darley Dale

David Burton, Lib Dem, 729, ELECTED

David Fearn, Lib Dem, 731, ELECTED

Andrew Statham, Con, 720, ELECTED

Dovedale and Parwich

Richard Fitzherbert, Con, 594, ELECTED

Doveridge and Sudbury

Albert Catt, Con, 660, ELECTED

Hartington and Taddington

David Chapman, Con, unopposed, ELECTED

Hathersage and Eyam

Jacque Bevan, Con, 962, ELECTED

Jean Monks, Con, 728, ELECTED

Lathkill and Bradford

David Frederickson, Ind, 390, ELECTED

Litton and Longstone

Neil Horton, Con, unopposed, ELECTED


Bob Cartwright, Lab, 571, ELECTED

Garry Purdy, Con, 566, ELECTED

Nick Whiteheard, Lab, 534, ELECTED

Matlock St Giles

Steve Flitter, Lib Dem, 950, ELECTED

Jacquie Stevens, Con, 691, ELECTED

Barrie Tipping, Con, 716, ELECTED


Kenneth Bull, Con, unopposed, ELECTED


Jennifer Bower, Con, 338 ELECTED

Winster and South Darley

Colin Swindell, Lab, 690, ELECTED


Irene Ratcliffe, Lab, 1293, ELECTED

Mike Ratcliffe, Lab, 1023, ELECTED

Peter Slack, Lab, 1048, ELECTED