Litterbugs under fire over town centre mess

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A resident has hit out at litterbugs for creating a rat-infested grotspot in Chesterfield town centre.

Ron Knight, of Foxbrook Close, Chesterfield, contacted the Derbyshire Times to complain about the “disgraceful” state of Wards Yard on Low Pavements.

He said: “The whole overgrown yard is a blemish on this historic market town – I was very disheartened to see it in such a poor state of care yet again.

“It’s a rat-infested eyesore which has to be an environmental disgrace and hazard to anyone entering the yard and to the general public.

“The perpetrators should be ashamed.

“If it is to stay as a refuse site at least blank the gate so nobody has to see an open tip,” he added.

Councillor Sarah Hollingworth, Chesterfield Borough Council’s assistant executive member for environment said: “We take the subject of littering very seriously – from April 2013 to March 2014 we handed out 221 fixed penalty notices for littering.

“With regard to Wards Yard, this is a piece of land which is not registered and, therefore, no one individual or business is responsible for keeping it clear.

“Our officers have worked closely with local businesses and we are confident they are not the source of this litter.

“Most of the rubbish in this area is debris which has blown in from the market place. Although the council does not own the land and is not responsible for it, we have paid several times in the last year for litter picks. We have also been in talks with Derbyshire police for this to be litter picked as part of their restorative justice scheme.”