Lights, camera, development!

The students, who went through a full briefing process including pitching their story boards to liaising with venues to acquire filming rights, have produced two short films on business and development sites in Chesterfield.

The sites include Markham Vale and the Northern Gateway in the Holywell Cross area of Chesterfield.

Peter Swallow, chairman of Destination Chesterfield said “ It has been great to work with the media students at Chesterfield College, their enthusiasm for Chesterfield and their drive in producing these videos has been excellent and shows the talent the town has coming forward for the future.”

Trevor Clay, acting principal of Chesterfield College said “As a Chesterfield Champion, we have a role to play in making sure our students are aware of the exciting regeneration plans for Chesterfield. This project has not only done this but given them a real life project to work on and a piece of work for their portfolio that can be shown to future potential employers. If any other businesses would like to commission the media students for a corporate or promotional video please contact our Media team, Tom Bell and Matt Pritchard on 01246 500618.”

Video courtesy of Destination Chesterfield and Chesterfield College Media Students.