LETTERS ROUND-UP: Is HS2 a monster in the making? How are councillors affected by cuts and what do you think of Shafted?

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HS2, Hollis Lane, a mining inspired movie and a parking row rumbles on. Here’s a round up of this week’s letters...

Jean Graville-King wrote in and described HS2 as a monster that will ruin the countryside. What do you think? Have a read of her letter here, and let us know.

Paul Webber wants to know why work on Hollis Lane has stopped. Read his letter here.

Peter Moxon shared his thoughts on the mining movie Shafted. Click here to have a read of his letter.

David Ritchie asked how councillors are affected by cuts. Read his letter in full here.

And Mr Concerened was back in touch after a letter from Matt Taylor. Parking wars broke out over Sanforth Street (read “Mr Concerned’s” full original letter here) and read Mr Taylor’s response here.

As always we want to hear from you on whatever is hitting the headlines and any other issues...

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