LETTERS: Readers’ pleas for Staffordshire bull terrier on ‘death row’ to be saved

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After the DT broke news of a Staffordshire bull terrier being on ‘death row’ after an attack that left a woman with serious leg injuries, readers got in touch calling for mercy.

Here’s what you had to say......

Please give the Staffordshire bull terrier a chance (last week’s DT ‘Dog on death row following vicious attack’). It sounds as if the poor dog has been ill-treated in the past by drug users. 
When the women were arguing, presumably they would be screaming etc, which would alarm and frighten the dog. 
In its own way it would be trying to diffuse the situation, unlike some of the recent cruelty to animals, which was deliberate and unwarranted.

I rescue animals and have a ‘Staffy’ from the same background. I have had him for three years and he is affectionate and has shown no aggression to people or other dogs.

Please give him the chance he deserves.

Animal Lover

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I have just read the DT ‘Dog on death row” article. Please do not euthanise this dog. 
In my opinion it is innocent and should not be killed for trying to help stop a fight. 
This dog is innocent, people are to blame and not the poor dog.

Dog supporter

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I was shocked to read the story in the Derbyshire Times about the Staffordshire bull terrier that is classed as being ‘on death row’.

Any dog treats its owner as family and will protect them, usually by barking or growling.

Unfortunately due to the circumstances of this case and Paul Taylor failing to shut the door, his dog Taz ran out and as it states the two women and Mr Taylor were in a heap on the ground.

The instincts of a dog would kick in and on seeing his owner Mr Taylor on the ground would have protected him by attacking his apparent assailant. A dog of this breed does have a very strong grip and that is why so much damage occurred. A Yorkshire terrier or chihuahua would have done the same but its mouth being weaker would not have damaged the woman’s leg and no doubt the dog would be safe at home with its owner still.

How can you possibly victimize Taz for doing what comes naturally, defending his family.

Has this dog shown aggression before to this extent? If it is deemed to be a danger why not let it be trained to attack as a police dog.

Dog Lover

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