LETTERS: Concerns over noise and rubbish

posting many letters to red british postbox on street
posting many letters to red british postbox on street

Would it be possible to contact one or two readers personally?

I have had some noise and humming sounds in the area of the rail station, for a very number of years. and maybe would like to disscuss this with the reader.

The other item is about the route along Crow Lane, up past the station.

I have asked for this to be maintained for about 14 years now and asking the rail people and the councils over overgrown vegetation into Crow lane.

The station when it was rebuilt. there was rubbish left. in 2000 and has never been cleared away. Having closed the road and access to my property via vehicle it would appear the contractors have only done half a job once again.

Maybe doing a piece in the Derbyshire Times about overgrown vegetation, over pavements and road signs would show this out to be a problem for other people too.

Getting grants when the councils won’t maintain the pavements and highways, seems way out of order.