LETTER: Why hasn't everyone been included in bus cuts consultation?

I have been told by the residents of Barlow that yet again, there has been information sent to them regarding consultation of the No.16 and 16A bus services, but not sent to the residents of Upper Newbold.

Wednesday, 20th April 2016, 6:30 pm

The residents of Upper Newbold regularly use this service and have not been invited or consulted to comment on this service.

I live on Barholme Close and several of my neighbours use this bus service to get their shopping from the market. My husband, who cannot drive owing to sight problems, uses this bus service.

I am disgusted that this is allowed to happen, not just to the residents of Upper Newbold, but the elderly residents of Barholme Close in particular. It needs to be sorted immediately.

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Margaret Bailey

By email