LETTER: Why has work on Hollis Lane stopped?

I'm not an engineer - a bit of Meccano and a den under the dining room table when I was younger - but I do worry about the railway embankment that has been on Hollis Lane for so many years now being disturbed, especially with all the rain we have been having.

Monday, 22nd February 2016, 6:30 pm

I suppose things must be all right if Railtack has okayed it.....they have okayed it I presume ?

I also wonder why after work started five weeks or so before Christmas it suddenly stopped after four days. “Ahead of schedule” was the official line as reported in your paper. No problems at that point then?

Given the number of hi-vis jacketed engineers, workmen, plus mountains of on site plant and materials and the length of time it is taking, heavens knows how much it will cost.

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I suppose that is where the answer will stay. On a pound per journey basis for the small number of people who will use the path the cost must surely be, well, horrendous. Personally if I wanted to cycle safely from the best, sorry I meant west end of town to the Whittington Moor roundabout I would probably go along Storrs Road, up Slack Lane (bit of a slope there lads - sorry) Loundsley Green and then downhill all the way to Whitt Moor.

Quite what you do when you get there I’m not sure ....cycle back I suppose.

Note: there are no such luxuries for the east of the town - so far.

I suppose one of the benefits of going along the new track is that you can stop halfway and take in the sights at the railway station.

You see, I’m getting into this now.

You ask for comments on the proposed Gateway developement on the donut and multi-storey car parks.

What’s the point?

Our views are not relevant. The whole thing will be decided, whether we agree with it or even like it, by a very, very few people on our behalf.

Paul Webber

By email