LETTER: Why did we only find out some devolution details a week before decision?

I attended the council meeting on Thursday March 3, as did a lot of other people.

Thursday, 10th March 2016, 5:30 pm
Nottinghamshire and Derbyshire Devolution plans

Councillor Burrows believes this was their only option. Knowing him from the past and listening to him on the night, I do believe and acknowledge his sincerity over this deal.

It seems that a great deal of negotiation up to this point has been made. There will be even more before the benefits of this very important deal come to fruition for all parties involved on both sides of the county line.

After commenting very negatively about we of Chesterfield not being informed of such a decision until the last hour, I still stand by what I have said.

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If the discussions for the Sheffield City regional deal or the other - the North Midlands Devolution Deal - have been taking place for ages, why only one week before do we get to hear about it properly? Bad timing, running out of time the decision must be made now, all seem to me to be a push.

If all goes well, Chesterfield and the other members of this regional deal will have a share of £900 million.

Whatever our councillors wish or plan to do with all this money, I hope all the people of the Sheffield City regional deal get a say, or at least are informed before the event and not after. Sorry I have to have a dig.

It was not really a vote, the decision had already been made in my view. It just needed a show of hands in public.

Some councillors actually stood up and stated they had come to the meeting having not made up their minds until they had listened on the evening to councillor Burrows putting his case over.

The decision has been made, good or bad.

I do hope our council can and will move Chesterfield on into the future with all the good a share of this money could provide.

Adrian Mather

Alexandra Road East, Spital