LETTER: When will parking free for all end?

I can only wonder if anything will ever be done about the atrocious situation of what seems to be nothing more than a park-where-you-like attitude, particularly around the former post office and Market Hall and also Soresby Street and Glumangate. '¨I was in town recently on a Wednesday at about 4pm and it was a free for all.

Tuesday, 17th January 2017, 4:38 pm
Updated Tuesday, 17th January 2017, 4:41 pm

Cars were parked on both sides of the High Street and included ones with no blue badge showing. 
ln particular was a large silver American sports car which was parked at an angle across the bottom of Soresby Street making access difficult and also the silver Range Rover (blue badge included ) which was parked three quarters across the pavement at the bottom of Soresby Street leaving no access for pedestrians, pushchairs or electric scooters and only just enough access for a vehicle to get past. 
I’ve nothing against blue badge holders but I do think that there is a distinct lack of responsibility and common sense shown by a minority who just think I’ll park where I can, irrespective of any problems it may cause to other motorists or pedestrians.
Another good example of this is on Spa Lane adjacent to the Spa Lane pub.
And where, you might ask, are the parking enforcement officers?
I’ll tell you, they are in the car parks making sure that no-one has gone over their ticket time by five minutes or that nobody is parked outside of a bay - or else.
It’s about time the powers that be woke up and did something about this increasingly frustrating situation. 
Of course, you need access for deliveries and traders but it has gone way past that now.

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Stephen Payne

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